Bonnievale Festival Paragliding Special

Every year at the Bonnievale Bonanza Festival we try and include something different and unique. Sure we always have a good lineup of South African musicians and performers but it’s also nice to have some kind of entertainment other than music and theatre. This year we asked the Skywings paragliding team from Cape Town to come and give us a display of their skills and of course there will be a few lucky members of the  public that get to try this out for free.


Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, an acrophobic or a down right doer of all things, paragliding over Cape Town is something you definitely need to do when you are around the Mother City.

Of cause, your heart might want to jump out of your body when you eventually decide to go on with it but there is no greater feeling after your feet have touched the ground. Life is a risk too so if we are to always second-guess the things we want to do or be hesitant about it, we will never get the joy of the best things in life.

Paragliding gives you that sense of edge, you need to toughen up, put on a brave face and just do it! Similarly to the diary of life, nothing comes with a manual. Each and everything is a choice, a risk or a result. The best thing you can do is just give your adventurous self a push and fly up in the sky over Cape Town. You will not regret taking that liberating choice.

The minute you start thinking it through or thinking of the all the bad things that might happen is the minute all your excitement levels mount to zero. The whole point of an outing is to enjoy it to the fullest and this is the right way of going about it. If we had to think about each and every step we took, we would not have had doctors, technicians, hairdressers, you name them.

Everything in life is a choice that either changes you or teaches you. This shouldn’t be that much of a train smash decision because it is all about the fun in it. Tandem paragliding over Cape Town is the best thing to do when you are within the Capetonian parameters because it is certainly worth all the sweat you feel before the final jump.

In each and everything that you do, there is always that voice within you that tells you that you can’t do it or you not good enough. The negative voice will always surpass the positive that is why you must never listen to anything inside that says you can’t succeed. To many, an adventure like paragliding over Cape Town is a timeless conversation they would have to have with their instinct.

Gut feelings are never wrong but sometime gut instincts are scared to do the unthinkable. In fact, if gut instincts could speak, they would be that one friend that is always negative, never wants to try new things and is always against anything that lights up your life. Who needs such negativity? Nobody. Nobody needs to be constantly reminded that if they wanted to fly up the sky, they would fall.

This years Bonnievale Bonanza promises to be better than all previous ones thanks to the magnificent job our organizers have done in arranging the best entertainers from around South Africa along with the assistance of the Langeberg Municipality.

There are skilled and experienced professionals who are equipped to not only calm your nerves but also to make sure that your safety harness is not loose and has been firmly tightened to prevent any falls. They are fully aware that your life’s rest upon your shoulders and that is why they take extreme care to ensure your life is protected. So for that day, they are your physical guardian angels because they are there to make sure you witness goodness and mercy above the sky.

Also, they too have families and loved ones that would not want to lose them so why would they want your families to lose you? The safety precautions cannot be over emphasized so you need worry about anything happening because they are qualified in the field of paragliding and would not do anything that would harm your life, your safety or your excitement.